Choosing the Best Electric Energy Plan for Your Business

  • checkmark-icon How can I get out of time-of-use metering?
  • checkmark-icon Should I lock in?
  • checkmark-icon Is it better to float?
  • checkmark-icon What is RPP, and what is HOEP?

Many businesses have a hard time understanding the energy market.  They get confused with the different options available and typically end up spending more for their energy.  There are typically three choices where most businesses end up:

1. An RPP (regulated price plan) where they’re on a tiered system and consuming a lot of electric pushes them to a higher price bracket.

2. Time-of-use meters causing them to pay more during peak times.

3.The HOEP price which is the on demand market price and are paying higher rates with higher demand.

There is a lot of uncertainty of where these prices are heading and what you will have to pay in the future.  This can make it very difficult to maximize your energy consumption without expert advice.

The Electric Energy Market Explained

Everyone buys electric on the market— even the utilities. Therefore on-peak times are more expensive because the demand is higher.  The summer months are also much more expensive for the same reason.  With this in mind, there is an opportunity to save money by auditing your company’s consumption and buying and using energy at the best/cheapest time for them. 

An example of this can be seen with an office building where all the consumption is currently on-peak time.  By averaging out the price and buying electric across all times, we are able to gain the cheap off-peak prices and generate significant savings.  If the building were to be using only off-peak times, then we would go and deliberately buy off peak blocks also creating a reduction in cost. This is just a drop of how we can audit and figure savings with no cost to you!

Some companies choose to lock in by either averaging out their consumption which prevents risk and can help with budgeting.  Some try to spend more time during non-peak times to get a better rate.  Other companies try to float and play the market.  All companies should speak with someone that has experience and knowledge of the industry to help them with their energy choice.  

Our goal is to match your unique needs based on your:

  • Usage patterns
  • Consumption level
  • Risk profile
  • Cash flow
  • Buy Electric Energy Direct and Save
  • By purchasing your electric energy directly from the market you are able to save.  Choosing which Electric Energy company to work with can be very complicated.  With our unique energy audit we will map out your energy consumption and show you how to optimize your usage.  We then help you choose the right supplier and negotiate the best market price saving you money guaranteed. 
  • That’s Great But I’m Already Stuck in a Contract
  • “I can’t believe they got me out of my contract.”

    Most people get stuck in long term contracts and falsely believe that there is no way out.  Our experts can help get you out of these contracts.  With our knowledge of the rules and regulations alongside our ties to the energy marketers we are able to get many of our clients out of their old contracts and into a better one.  We’d love to do the same for you.  We will take a look at your current contract and determine if there is a way for you to get a better deal. We are so sure that we can help we don’t even charge an upfront free.   You only pay when you save.

  • Why Choose Harizon Solutions

    • Independent – We work for you and get the energy companies to compete for your business
    • Cost Effective – We are capable of negotiating the best market price
    • Knowledgeable – We know everything energy and have experience working with companies just like yours
    • Complete Solution – We handle everything energy leaving you worry free
    • Customer Focused – Our number one goal is finding you the best energy solution

    Getting Started

    Working with us doesn’t cost, it saves.  Let us come in and perform a free energy consultation where we can show you a customized energy solution for your company. 

    To get your free consultation simply call 888-918-9339 or fill in our contact us form now.