Choosing the Best Gas Energy Plan for Your Business.

  • checkmark-icon Should I have a fixed rate?
  • checkmark-icon Is it better to float?
  • checkmark-icon When do I know to lock in?

The energy market can be very confusing and many businesses end up with a solution that is not in their best interest.  Learn the strategies that successful corporations use to determine which energy plan they should have, from a Harizon Solutions energy consultant.  We can help explain the market and find the optimal solution that meets your needs and budget. 

The Gas Energy Market Explained

Everyone buys gas on the market— even the utilities.  The utilities are regulated and because of this they are viewed as a “safer” way to receive energy.  They are able to charge a premium for this status which makes them cost more than the actual market rate. 

Fixed Rate

Some businesses prefer to lock in at a fixed rate so they can budget their expenses and are not dependent on world factors like hurricanes or short gas supply from a cold winter etc. Imagine fluctuating salaries! There is no other business expense that is so unpredictable.

Floating Rate

By purchasing your energy directly from the market you are able to save the premium that the utilities charge.  The actual market rate is on average 17% less than the utilities.   By going direct you can save the difference while choosing a plan that better suits your business.  

That’s Great But I’m Already Stuck in a Contract

“I can’t believe they got me out of my contract.”

Most people get stuck in long term contracts and falsely believe that there is no way out.  Our experts can help get you out of these contracts.  With our knowledge of the rules and regulations alongside our ties to the energy marketers we are able to get many of our clients out of their old contracts and into a better one.  We’d love to do the same for you.  We will take a look at your current contract and determine if there is a way for you to get a better deal. We are so sure that we can help we don’t even charge an upfront free.   You only pay when you save.

Why Choose Harizon Solutions

  • Independent – We work for you and get the energy companies to compete for your business
  • Cost Effective – We are capable of negotiating the best market price
  • Knowledgeable – We know everything energy and have experience working with companies just like yours
  • Complete Solution – We handle everything energy leaving you worry free
  • Customer Focused – Our number one goal is finding you the best energy solution

Getting Started

Working with us doesn’t cost, it saves.  Let us come in and perform a free energy consultation where we can show you a customized energy solution for your company. 

To get your free consultation simply call 888-918-9339 or fill in our contact us form now.