Is Solar Energy the Right Choice for Your Business?

  • In today’s world faced with rising energy costs, global warming, and conscious consumers; more and more companies are looking to go green with their energy consumption.  If you’re looking to produce green energy than solar panels may be the choice for you. 

  • Solar Energy Options Explained

    When you put solar panels on your company’s roof you are able to produce your own energy.  There are two main ways that you can leverage this energy.

    • By investing in solar panels you will receive a payment from the government for the amount of electric energy that is produced.  This is a great investment opportunity and can provide you with a contract with the government for up to 20 years!
    • You can rent your roof out choosing the price per sqft resulting in a nice profit with no upfront investment costs on your part.  Everything is handled by the third party leaving you worry free.  This is a great way to add a new income stream in your business that can help pay expenses.

    Why Choose Harizon Solutions

    • We work with the best companies in the market. These companies have lots of experience and handle the whole process from beginning to end.  We have a system where the installation will not penetrate your roof. We get the companies to take full responsibility for your roof leaving you worry free.

    Getting Started

    Working with us doesn’t cost, it saves.  Let us come in and perform a free energy consultation where we can show you a customized energy solution for your company. 

  • To get your free consultation simply call 888-918-9339 or fill in our contact us form now.