The great energy crisis


The great energy crisis of today is not that we don’t have enough energy, but that most large volume energy consumers are paying too much.  When the market became deregulated companies were able to go direct and start buying energy wholesale. With little regulation there were many suppliers of energy that swooped in and found ways to convince and lock companies into long term contracts with unfavorable rates.  While this may have been very profitable for them, their clients were getting the short end of the stick.

The biggest problem was that companies didn’t even know that they were being taken advantage of because the options can sometimes be confusing and hard to compare.  Energy is something that you buy once and then you forget about it as you run your business.  By re-evaluating your energy plan you can save thousands of dollars a year making your business more profitable.

Just because you already have an energy plan doesn’t mean it’s good!

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As experts in energy plans and consumption, we feel like it’s our obligation to help you from being taken advantage of through proper education, consulting, and finding the absolute best rate for your energy.

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