Retrofit Lighting


Now is the time to take advantage of the saveONenergy retrofit program!


Get Back 50 -100% of The Cost

The RETROFIT PROGRAM provides substantial financial incentives for replacing and upgrading to high efficiency equipment and for installing new control systems

that will improve the efficiency of your operational procedures and processes.

Lighting Incentives:

The incentives include lighting changes to more energy efficient bulbs or fixtures, which will greatly reduce your consumption.

Occupancy sensors:

Install occupancy sensors in areas such as parking garages, offices, conference rooms, and bathrooms to save energy and cut lighting costs. Occupancy sensors help reduce lighting energy consumption by turning lights off in spaces that are not occupied.

There are three tracks for the incentive:

checkmark-icon Prescriptive-gives you the ease of selecting from a defined list of end-use measures that come with a corresponding per-unit incentive.

checkmark-icon   Engineered-consists of a series of preset calculation worksheets that help you estimate reductions in peak demand and/or electricity consumption that apply to the installation of more energy-efficient equipment or solutions.

checkmark-icon  Custom-provides an application mechanism for any electricity-saving technologies and/or projects that are not included in either the PRESCRIPTIVE or ENGINEERED tracks.

Harizon Solutions is Toronto Hydro

AR certified for the saveONenergy retrofit program.


  • We will guide you through the process to make sure that you get the most of the incentive.
  • Supply you with top of the line lighting solutions
  • Best of all we are the cheapest in the market!